February 07, 2020

Hightech Agenda Bayern

In October 2019 the Bavarian Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder gave the official start-signal for the new technology offensive in Bavaria: The Hightech Agenda Bayern. 2 Billion Euros will be invested by the end of the current legislative period to prepare Bavaria for the future.

Key Technologies for Digitalization

With a Clean Tech-Initiative, a Bavarian battery and hydrogen center, should, among others, be established. An Automobile Fund for issues such as worker qualification, technology projects and automobile charging infrastructure will help the original equipment manufaturers, and most especially the suppliers in their transformation process. The aformentioned CleanTech-initiative focuses on overcoming the climate challenges in the leading Bavarian industries. To provide more incentives, the higher education system should be reformed by focusing among other things, on more enterpreneurship as well as increasing enrollment capacities. More investments are expected to be made in research and development infrastructure, the scientific areas as well as in high speed wireless communication.

The Right Step For A Sustainable FutureTechnologcial Location

The vbw welcomes the Bavarian Prime Minister’s proposals. The state of Bavaria is making a very important contribution to strengthen the competitive advantage of Bavaria as a business location through the High Tech Agenda. The strengthening of high level research and the securing of skilled labor – among them more than 10,000 new capacities for students in technical fields, half of which are in the field of infomation technology – the essential future areas are part of foundation of future successes, thus the more than 2 Billion Euros is a worthwhile investment. At the same time, more proposals made by the Council on the Future have been considered.

The state of Bavaria’s initiative on artificial intelligence (AI) is a good example in the right direction. AI plays a key role in digital transformation, creates added value and has the potential to radically alter the economy and the society more than all other technological developments of our time.

The state of Bavaria is in a very good starting position, especially in the area of machine intelligence. We must do everything to secure our competitive advantage. This is also a

very positive message to Bavaria as a center for the automotive industry.


Christine Völzow

Leiterin Abteilung Wirtschaftspolitik

Christine Völzow