August 08, 2017

Research study “Added value through digitalization”

Council on the Future of the Bavarian Industry

The Council on the Future of the Bavarian Industry (CFBI) was established in 2014. It is the objective of the CFBI to inform small and medium sized businesses in Bavaria about upcoming developments and trends well in advance for them to react. The predictions of the Council are based on profound analyses of mayor technologies and industrial sectors outlining respective implications for the society.

Research study “Added value through digitalization”

The evaluation of ten relevant technological areas in the research study “Future technologies in Bavaria” (2015) has confirmed the outstanding significance of ICT as the driver of innovation across all disciplines. This is why the CFBI is focusing on different aspects of digitalization, starting off with Big Data in 2016. The most recent research study “Added value through digitalization” was presented on June 28, 2017 at its annual CFBI conference. It highlights the practical benefits of digitalization and presents both hidden potentials and constraints. Based on the study outcome, the CFBI addresses representatives from business, science and politics with recommended actions.

Attractive business environment in Bavaria

Bavaria is set to offer a positive environment for innovative ideas to be translated into action. Nevertheless, CFBI strongly urges to continuously strive for excellence in order to maintain Bavaria’s leading role among Europe’s most innovative regions. The State of Bavaria has already implemented some of CFBI’s recommended actions into its research and technology funding policies.

Businesses and society are the driving force in digitalization

However, there is still a lot to be done for businesses, society and politics in order to benefit from digitalization on the long run – with education playing a key role. CBFI strongly recommends combined efforts to turn digitalization into a success for everyone. Therefore, the general education system in Bavaria, that consistently enjoys an excellent reputation, has to focus on an interdisciplinary digital curriculum. Businesses need to make sure that their staff is trained well enough to keep up with the rapid digital transformation. Universities as well are encouraged to establish interdisciplinary programs and further strenghten collaborations with the industry.


Dr. Manfred Heublein

Manfred Heublein