December 19, 2018

Statement on the election results in Bavaria

A new state legislature was elected in Bavaria on October 14th. Following these elections, six parties are now represented in the Bavarian state legislature instead of the previous four.

The Christian Social Union (CSU), which previously governed with an absolute majority, lost more than 10 percentage points in the election, coming in with 37.2 percent. The Green Party managed to increase their showings significantly and came in second with 17.5 percentage points, followed by the Free Voters, a regional conservative party, with 11.6 percent. Populist rightwing party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) received 10.2 percent of the votes, taking a seat in the Bavarian state legislature for the first time. The Social Democratic Party (SPD) recorded significant losses, down by more than 10 percentage points with only 9.7 percent. The pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) managed to reclaim a seat in the legislature with 5.1 percent. The leftwing party, Die Linke, fell short of the 5-percent mark necessary for a seat in the state legislature, coming in with only 3.2 percent.

The CSU sounded out the other parties to determine which party might be a suitable coalition partner. One option was to form a coalition government with the Free Voters, the party that received the third largest votes. The Free Voters also interested in forming a government with the CSU.

After an intensive, issue, and goal-oriented discussion between the two parties, the both parties signed a governing coalition contract.

Alfred Gaffal, President of vbw – Bavarian Industry Association e.V. welcomed the issue-based, quick formation of a plurality-based majority coalition government. The will to come to an agreement and the absence of public sniping during the coalition negotiations were obvious signs that the future governing coalition parties are on the right track to working together and are focused on stability.


Renate Spandel

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Renate Spandel