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On-the-spot support

We provide you, together with our regional teams, direct support on the
spot—efficiently and with no red tape. Knowledge of the regional business community, access to organizations in your region and exchange of experience—all included.

Personal, competent and fast

Personal, competent and fast

Member companies profit from our 7 locations in several respects: thanks to a long-standing presence we know the entrepreneurs and enterprises, prominent personalities and organizations, the trade unions’ representatives and local particularities. Our regional teams can swiftly provide you with support in both word and deed—on your own premises or at our regional branch offices.

In addition, we offer you direct access to important organizations in each region such as employment agencies, authorities and courts.

Our regional offices

01 Augsburg / Swabia

02 Coburg / Upper Franconia

03 Munich / Upper Bavaria

04 Nuremberg / Middle Franconia

05 Passau / Lower Bavaria

06 Regensburg / Upper Palatinate

07 Würzburg / Lower Franconia

We look forward to meeting you

We look forward to meeting you

If you have any queries, our headquarters and our liaison offices in Brussels, New York and Teheran will be happy to be of assistance. Please contact.

Headquarters Munich

Bertram Brossardt

Bertram Brossardt

Chief Executive Officer
bayme vbm vbw Headquarters

New York

Dagmar Cassan

Dagmar Cassan

Executive Director
bayme vbm vbw U. S. Liaison Office

+1 (0)212-969-9015


Volker Pitts-Thurm

Volker Pitts-Thurm

Head of
Brussels Liaison Office bayme vbm vbw


Paivand Sepehri

Dr. Paivand Sepehri

Head of
Iran Liaison Office bayme vbm vbw

+98-218 888 98-13