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bayme vbm – A strong community

Around 2,700 of the companies based in Bavaria are members in the bayme vbm employers’ associations. This makes us the biggest industry association in Bavaria, an assertive community with comprehensive know-how, distinct creative strength and power of innovation.

bayme vbm / Facts and Figures
June 2017

Save your business time and money!

Save your business time and money!

Take advantage of our comprehensive services tailored to your needs: the continuous success of our member companies in Bavaria is proof of the benefits and consistent quality of the support that companies and their employees have received from bayme vbm over the years.

Competent advice

Our experienced specialists and lawyers provide our members with a wide range of services and advice encompassing labor and employment, collective bargaining and social security matters.

Faster information

We supply you promptly with information of relevance to your company through newsletters, publications and more than 1,000 events every year.

Better instruction

We instruct you and your employees on current topics and legislation, hold workshops for devising mutual implementation strategies appropriate to your company.

Effective networking

We provide you with direct access to key organizations and persons in industry, science, government and the media. We also offer you a variety of platforms for the exchange of information and experience in your branch of industry.

Share in the Bavarian M+E Industries
June 2017
85% Sales
85% Employees
72% Trainees

Areas of Political Activity

Areas of Political Activity

We organize the representation of our members’ interests in political action areas, set agendas and conduct lobbying.

  • Employment, education and social affairs
  • Environment, energy and climate
  • Domestic market and companies
  • Financial market and financial planning
  • EU law

Ensuring skilled labor
  • Employment opportunities
  • Labor participation
  • Work times
  • Education actions
  • Immigration

  • Company financing

Innovation / R + T

  • Research and technology

Human resources / labor
  • Employment and social insurance law
  • Education
  • Labor organization
Legal affairs
  • Commercial law
  • Deregulation and the reduction of bureaucracy
  • IT law / data protection

  • Labor market
  • Digitalization
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Infrastructure
  • Climate
  • Media
  • Raw materials and resources
  • Social security insurance
  • Taxes
  • Consumer protection
  • Value creation

Collective bargaining
  • Collective bargaining policy
  • Demographic change
  • Labor disputes
  • Wage policy