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The Bavarian Employers’ Associations for the Metalworking and Electrical Industries

bayme vbm refers to the Employers’ Associations of the Metalworking and Electrical Industries in Bavaria. The objective, in all we do, is the commercial success of our member-companies. We represent the joint commercial, social and political interests of more than 2,700 member-companies and actively cooperate in shaping basic economic and social-policy conditions. With our services, we aim to support you in maintaining and enhancing your competitiveness—in Bavaria, Germany, Europe and throughout the world.

For detailed information please see the German site.

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Economic Outlook – leading indicators at a glance

Good times for the economy: Global leading indicators are showing a positive trend – including the German Federal Bank’s leading indicator as well as the OECD business climate index. With some exceptions, leading indicators for both the German and Eurozone economy are also on the upswing.

Bavarian exports 2016 – and the role of the US

Bavarian companies exported 182.8 bn euro worth of goods. Almost ...

GamifyConference 2017 – the evolution of communication

Hosted by vbw and Gamify now, GamifyCon offered a platform for ...


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