Dear Readers,

the last quarter of the year is upon us. The world is experiencing a lot of uncertainty on all fronts. For businesses all over the world and for the transatlantic business community, these are very uncertain times.

The German economy is experiencing a slow down because of the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, identifying the most cost-effective way to tackle the climate change and more specifically, the trade wars between China and the United States. Both countries are major German and Bavarian trading partners and what happens between them directly affect the German and Bavaria economies.

As an umbrella business association, we appeal to the politicians to take the effect these uncertainties are having on people’s livelihood and our economic development very seriously. History has shown that at times of uncertainties like this, it is important to think very carefully about the difference between a just cause and a wise choice. We implore the politicians to weigh these choices very prudently. The future of the world is at stake.  

We continue to advocate for open markets, sustainable investments in education and the technologies of the future. Only through these can we continue to assure economic growth in the midst of increasingly intense global competition and economic slowdown.

Please get in touch with us and tell us how we can continue to serve your needs.

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